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Welcome to Hagar Furniture

Custom Built Furniture, Designed Just for You

At Hagar Furniture, we take your dream image and make it a reality for you. With exquisite skill and expertise, we create custom built, personalized furniture that reflects your own unique vision. We believe you deserve to live in a setting as exceptional as you are. 


Here at Hagar Furniture, we devote time and effort to get to know you and your vision. We consider you the expert in the setting you envision for yourself. We pay attention to every detail as we create your custom built furniture. Our creations are of the highest quality, personalized, and magnificent.

Our customers:


  • insist on only high-quality furniture that will last for years to come

  • have a unique image of a home, office, or any setting that necessitates personalized, custom design

  • picture themselves living in surroundings that: 

    •         are one of a kind. 

    •         are perfectly suited to their personality and needs

    •        impress and elicit nods of admiration


Call us at Hagar Furniture. We will make your vision a reality. 

When furniture is custom-made, the possibilities are endless. We create luxury furniture in many styles, including Shaker style, Roman style, and Victorian style. You describe to us the picture of your dreams, we’ll create it for you. 


We create custom furniture for:

Corporate Offices

We design and build custom office furniture that suits your company’s unique needs and personality. We will help you create the ideal office setting that is tailored to your company goals. We have worked with many corporate clients to successfully create office settings that maximize office work productivity, encourage collaboration, and provide utmost comfort. Work with us to set your business up for success.


Building custom furniture for synagogues is one of our particular passions. We consider it an honor to create custom synagogue furniture that is uniquely designed to suit a synagogue’s distinctive personality. We work with you to understand the unique role your synagogue plays and build custom furniture to match and encapsulate it. We create synagogue settings that are of utmost, respectable quality as is suitable for a place of worship. We believe that a worship setting merits beautiful furniture and personalized attention. Your attendees will feel like their synagogue was made for them.


The ambience of a restaurant is one of the primary factors that sets it apart from other venues. Every restaurant has a unique personality and flavor. We work with business owners to realize the vision they have for their restaurant setting. We take your ideal image, your business goals, and your style, and turn it into a setting that is perfect for your restaurant. We design and build custom furniture for restaurants that suit your exact needs. Your customers will feel right at home in your venue. 

Residential Homes

Everyone deserves to have their dream home. We create furniture for every room in the home. We build custom bedroom furniture, custom living room furniture, custom dining room furniture, and custom bathroom furniture. We have created beautiful home furniture for many satisfied customers. We can make your dream a reality. 

Anyone who wants to see their unique vision become reality

Our Custom Furniture Building Services Include:


Crown moulding


Custom design furniture for the whole house 

And more. Simply call and ask us. 

You bring the vision, we make it real.


Hagar Furniture is a custom design furniture studio led by Yehuda Shemen. Yehuda learned the art of furniture making more than 40 years ago in Israel, where he studied the fine trade of intricate, high-quality furniture design. Now, he has been serving the New York area with his expert furniture building for more than 30 years.


Yehuda’s expert skill at creating intricately-designed furniture caters to those with an eye for elegant, quality art. His creativity and attention to detail help him create furniture that is strikingly unique for individuals who want their surroundings to be distinctive. His extensive experience as a custom furniture builder allows him to make customers’ mere fantasies into everyday reality.

Our mission

As talented custom furniture makers, we strive to bring beautiful, hand-crafted, and intricately detailed furniture to those who appreciate it. We work with you to understand your vision, and then we take your vision and make it a reality. 


Our customers are our priority. Our goal is to take your images, thoughts, and ideas, and make them into beautiful, custom made furniture. We take the time to listen to our clients and truly understand their vision. We work with you and your desires every step of the way. 


We understand our customers’ desire to have the highest quality furniture. That’s why we choose long-lasting, high-quality materials. With Hagar Furniture, you won’t get a rush job. Instead, you’ll get exquisite, high-class furniture, created with care, devotion, and utmost attention to detail. 


We serve customers who won’t find what they need in a local furniture shop. We consider it an honor to serve clients who possess vision and cultured taste, and to concretize their vision into beautifully crafted furniture. We are proud to bring high-quality, intricate works of art into the everyday settings of homes, offices, and more. We believe in the importance of aestheticism, and strive to provide exquisite, tasteful settings to our clients. 

Why Choose Custom Built Furniture:

Custom made furniture isn’t for everybody. Here are some reasons our clients choose custom built furniture.


You choose quality. You want furniture that lasts. Lower-quality furniture may be easier to get, but it won’t be long before it needs to be replaced. You prefer the real thing, so that it will stay with you for many years to come. 


You have extravagant taste. You want the best, and only the best, for your home or venue.


You’re unique, and you want it to show. Whether you are a homeowner, a business, or a synagogue, you stand out from the crowd. It’s only natural that you want your home, office, or venue to stand out as well and reflect your uniqueness.


Your sense of aestheticism follows you wherever you go. You appreciate sophistication and high-class culture. Your everyday surroundings must meet your standards of exquisite, well-made art, so that you can look around you with pleasure each and every day. 


You have a highly-specialized vision that can only be met by a custom furniture maker. With your particular set of needs, you need furniture that is personalized to you.



Private Kitchens

We are the first to recognize the importance of a personalized, custom-designed kitchen that meets your particular needs and matches your unique personality. It is our pleasure to work with clients to help them realize the kitchen of their fantasies and make them a space that is truly one of a kind. Our kitchens feature cabinetry, moulding, custom kitchen furniture, and more. We strive to create the kitchen of your dreams: both gorgeous and highly efficient. 

Residential Homes

We have designed and built home furniture and settings for many satisfied clients. We work hard to make your home furniture elegant, luxurious, and of superior, long-lasting quality. Our custom built home furniture is personalized for your needs. We custom-design and build furniture for every room in the home, including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms. 

Corporate Spaces

We have worked with restaurants, law firms and many other businesses to make their businesses stand out from the crowd with custom furniture. We believe every business is unique, and we strive to create a setting that reflects that uniqueness. Your business setting is key when setting the vibe, tone, and brand of your business. At Hagar Furniture, we help you create the business setting that is perfect for your business. We will work with you to set your business up for success. 



Reach out with your vision, and together we will transform it into reality.
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